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Bulgaria& #039;s electricity distributors given decision power on green energy projects, 2012-04-20

Bulgaria's three electricity distribution companies will be the entities deciding when a electricity...

Only 9% of enterprises in Bulgaria use renewable energy - survey, 2012-03-23

Only nine per cent of non-financial enterprises in Bulgaria are using renewable energy sources, in a...

Sofia& #039;s obsolete electricity infrastructure needs investment to be updated, conference told, 2012-02-21

Sofia needs investments to update its obsolete energy infrastructure, which is hardly able to bear d...

Latest Developments

Residential building Office building Commercial/Retail building Holiday building   Residential complex Druster
Developer GBS Varna AD
Completion date: 2008-12-31

last updated: 2013-02-13

Residential building   Long Beach Resort
Developer Vida Group Ltd.
Completion date: 2012-01-01

last updated: 2013-02-13

Residential building   Semiramida Garden Varna
Completion date: 2007-06-30

last updated: 2013-02-12

Residential building   Residential building
Developer Sintes Ltd.
Completion date: 2010-12-01

last updated: 2013-02-12